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Information Please enter your user Identification Number (ID) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). When finished, click Login.
When you are finished, please Exit and close your browser to protect your privacy.

StopIf you have forgotten your PIN, try clicking on the Forgot PIN? button after entering your User ID. Then answer the security question. If that doesn't work, follow the directions below.

STUDENTS: To obtain your User ID or have your PIN reset, present a picture id to the Registrar's Office or submit the request form found at http://www.mcneese.edu/bannerselfservice.

Students are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of all login credentials for University software, which serve as the sole means of identity verification. Allowing an unauthorized user to access University software by sharing login credentials for any University account is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

FACULTY: To obtain your User ID or PIN, present a picture ID to University Computing Services, Financial Aid Building.

Users shall not allow unauthorized users to access IT resources, which includes sharing login credentials for any accounts for which they have authorization.

Your User ID is your McNeese student identification number, which is a nine-digit number beginning with zero.
You can find this number in emails sent to you by Admissions and/or Financial Aid.

Your PIN is comprised of six numbers and/or letters and is case-sensitive.
If you are new to McNeese, your PIN may be your date of birth in the mmddyy format.
For example, January 5, 1994, would be entered as 010594.
If your PIN is your date of birth, you may be prompted to change your PIN on initial log in.

CAUTION! This User ID and PIN is not the same as your Admissions Login User ID and PIN.


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